Six Years On – Town Pastors are Recruiting


Town Pastors have been operating for 6 years in Stowmarket.  Friday nights seem to have become more peaceful and good relationships have been built with the young people, Police, pub and club door staff and other late night businesses.  The plan is to develop the work to at least some Saturday nights and Bank Holiday weekends.  For this, the teams need to expand.  We have made a good start at recruiting some new Town Pastors, but urgently need more volunteers to cover the Base in Crow Street and Home Praying teams.  Saturdays will be later – 10pm until 3am, but having done a few Saturdays this year, we feel there is a very great need and our presence is appreciated.  Anyone interested can come along for a taster evening or phone and chat to the Co-ordinator on07881 458119 or for more information

email: info@stowmarkettownpastors.org.uk

Application forms are available to download from this website.



Suffolk Police and Charity Commissioner Funding

We have been blessed this year, along with the other Town Pastor groups across the County, to receive some PCC funding towards our work, for which we are very grateful.



Suffolk County Council Charity Fund

The work of Town Pastors countywide, including what we do at Latitude, has this year been recognised with a gift from the Chairman of Suffolk County Council Charity Fund. We are thankful for this funding also.