About us

Stowmarket Town Pastors scheme currently operates in the Town centre area on Friday evenings typically from 8pm until around midnight, with a team of two or more fully trained and equipped pastors supported by a team in our town centre operating base and Home pray-ers. Our vision is to provide a visible Christian presence, supporting people by:

  • Looking out for and supporting those who may be vulnerable

  • Giving assistance where appropriate

  • Providing a friendly presence and care so that people can enjoy their night out in confidence and safety

  • Defusing volatile situations

  • Being available to people as listeners

  • Encouraging safe and responsible behaviour for all

  • Fostering good relationships between the public, the emergency services, and traders including licensed premises and door staff, and voluntary agencies.


All our team are volunteers, but we rely on donations and grants to fund our operating costs for communications equipment, training, supplies and uniform. In particular we are grateful for grants from amongst others, the Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner to Suffolk Town Pastor schemes, which contributes towards our funding.